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 Network/Production Company Partnerships

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PostSubject: Network/Production Company Partnerships   Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:25 pm

I have now brought in a feature where networks can partner with a Production Company to sell shows they had ideas for or even get first look privileges.

When they sell a pilot of yours or order a series, you get an agreed upon percentage of revenue. Ie, if you partner up with Klosec Studios for example, and Network B buys a show that you had the idea for, you receive an agreed upon percent (like 25% for example)

In order to partner up with a Production Company, you must:

1: Get both parties (Network & Production Company) to agree to the partnership. This agreement must have:
1a: A Yearly payment to the Production Company.
1b: A Percentage of revenue going to the Network for each pilot/episode order that they helped in
1c: A Season Length of the partnership
1d: Any other clauses you both see fit

2: Message me with the details.

3: I will respond with any changes needed to be done.

4: Once it has been accepted, i will post in both the Networks and Production Companies threads.

Any questions post in here.
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Network/Production Company Partnerships
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