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 What Does A Network Head Do?

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PostSubject: What Does A Network Head Do?   What Does A Network Head Do? Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 1:45 pm

Network Heads have a big role in the TV Identity World. They decide whether shows live or die by the Cancellation Bear, as well as find the next big hit. Here is a list of what network heads do.

1: They buy shows from Production Comapnies by following the rules here (buying-shows-pilots-t10.html)

2: They can also buy franchises in The Auction House, which will then be made into An Original Series or a Remake of the Franchise for TV.

3: They decide if a show gets picked up for a full season or cancelled.

4: They decide the casting for each show by looking at the database and offering roles.

5: They post the Nightly lineup for their shows

6: They attempt to change the ratings for the better.

Any questions/comments post here.
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What Does A Network Head Do?
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