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 Week 1 Wednesday Ratings

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Week 1 Wednesday Ratings Empty
PostSubject: Week 1 Wednesday Ratings   Week 1 Wednesday Ratings Icon_minitimeThu May 17, 2012 7:16 pm

Today was the Second day of the TV Identity Debut Season and tonight was a lot closer than the previous night, but the hype of UNO's The Hunger Games helped to win the night as top network. With the second half hour of the premiere reaching 28.7, THG won the timeslot and the night. ICE performed much better due to its first produced show, To The Top. However, as the night drew to a close, viewers got tired of the show airing directly in front of each other. SBC Paris continue to flop due to the lack of shows produced, with dummy show Tank, hitting a game low 5.7.

Bold Indicates Best Show in Timeslot, Bold + Italics indicates Networks best show, Bold, Italics + Underlined indicates best show on Wednesday.

Wednesday 8PM

UNO - The Hunters - 23.7
ICE - To The Top - 19.8
SBC Paris - Tank - 5.7

Wednesday 8:30PM

UNO - The Hunters - 24.7
ICE - To The Top - 18.5
SBC Paris - Tank - 6.0

Wednesday 9PM

UNO - The Hunger Games - 28.0
ICE - To The Top - 16.5
SBC Paris - Tank - 5.8

Wednesday 9:30PM

UNO - The Hunger Games - 28.7
ICE - To The Top - 15.9
SBC Paris - Tank - 5.9

Overall Night Ratings

UNO - 26.3
ICE - 17.7
SBC Paris - 5.9
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Week 1 Wednesday Ratings
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