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 The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show Empty
PostSubject: The Tonight Show   The Tonight Show Icon_minitimeTue Apr 17, 2012 2:36 am

Show Name = The Tonight Show!
Show Type = Talk Show
Show Length = 1 Hour
Production Cost Without Talent = Medium
Lead Cast Members (Maximum 5) = 1
Supporting Cast Members (Maximum 5) = 3
What Is The Plot Of The Show? =
The Tonight show is a talk show where the host will invite 3 guests and one of those guests will be a musical performer. The tonight show is based on comedy and will talk about the guests upcoming plans and give them publicity. E.g. New movie, Album/Single, book, tv show. The audience members also have a chance to win prizes.

//To Order a pilot for this show, PM CherPerry with your offer. CherPerry will then reply in this thread if the show is bought and by which network.//
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The Tonight Show
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