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 Franchise Ratings

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PostSubject: Franchise Ratings   Franchise Ratings Icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 12:33 pm

In order to make the auctions more competitive, i am going to release Ratings. These ratings tell you how good a franchise is and how many viewers will tune in to watch the show to begin with .The Rating of the franchise will effect the initial ratings of the show. Like everyother rating it can go up or down depending on the quality of the show.

5 Stars: The Ultimate Property. Everyone knows the name of these properties. Flocks of viewers will tune in (if even just for a second) to see what all the fuss is about.

4 Stars: It doesn't get much bigger than this. Most people know exactly what this property entails, and most people will at least give it a passing glance.

3 Stars: A main-stream property. Not everyone knows what the property is about, but they know it exists. Most of these properties have at least a cult following.

2 Stars: Typically there has already been a show out that established this property (whether the show was good or bad). So a small following exists for this property.

1 Star: Just a typical franchise.

Naturally the higer the rating the greater the chance the show will open with higher ratings. It is also important to note that it also depends on the genre of show created from the franchise. For example if you have the Star Wars franchise and you create a sitcom centered around a worthless Jedi that show can still do well, but it will not get the intial boost because it goes against the type of the franchise.

I Also know that if you have 3 or more shows on the air that are based on that franchise then the viewers will become jaded. The higher the shows the lower the ratings. Viewers like variety.

For the 3 franchises already done:

LA Noire - 3 Stars
The Walking Dead - 4 Stars
The Hunger Games - 5 Stars

Any questions post here.
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Franchise Ratings
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