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 Buying Shows/Pilots

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PostSubject: Buying Shows/Pilots   Buying Shows/Pilots Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 1:47 pm

In order to buy a show here are the steps that must be taken.

1: I will pitch a show idea. If you are interested in buying the show, you will PM me and say how much you are willing to offer for the show.

2: Once the winning Network has been chosen, You will move into the casting stage. This stage is where you will choose the Actors/Actresses/Hosts and Producers. You will send me a list of the people you want plus a starting offer for salary. I will then post if they have accepted the offer or are willing to negotiate. This will be based on the Show Type, Their Skill and your salary offer.

3: After the Casting has been done, The Pilot will be shot and previewed to a test audience. You will be given the results of this and then you will have to decide how many episodes you want to pick it up for. This will be done by PMing me with your episode order.
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Buying Shows/Pilots
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