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 The Auction House

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The Auction House Empty
PostSubject: The Auction House   The Auction House Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 1:46 pm

The Auction House is where you can buy established franchises in order to make shows on them. This could be anything from Angry Birds to Star Wars. I will post up a show plus a season amount license for the franchise. You will then bid in the thread until the closing time which will determined by me. Whoever bids the highest will win the license.

An example license will be like this:

Franchise: Call Of Duty
Season License: 3 Seasons.

After the season license ends, i will offer the winning network to see if they want extend their contract. They can then renew it for at most 5 seasons. If not, then it will re-enter the auction house.
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The Auction House
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