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 What Is A Pitch?

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What Is A Pitch? Empty
PostSubject: What Is A Pitch?   What Is A Pitch? Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 1:46 pm

Here you will find what each function of the Pitch Page does when Pitching a show.

Show Name - What your show will be called. Companies do not like names that have swearing/vulgarity/etc.

Production Company - For The People Pitching the show. Find your company and choose it. If you are testing it, use other.

Show Type - The type of show. Currently has Sitcom, Episodic Drama, Game Show, Talk Show and Reality Show.

Show Length - How Long The Show will run on air for. Either 30 mins or an hour.

Production Cost without Talent: How much per episode the show will cost to make. This does affect the Quality but Networks may be less likely to take on a High Production Show.

Lead Cast Members (Maximum 5) - How many main characters/Hosts will be in your show. This is a number. An example of a main character is Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) and Simon Cowell (American Idol)

Supporting Cast Members (Maximum 5) - How many supporting characters you will have on the show. This is a number. For Talk Shows, The Supporting characters are guests per episode. For Game and Reality Shows, this is People Per Episode who aren't hosts. An example of a Supporting Character is Bernadette (The Big Bang Theory).

What is the plot of the show?: Here you describe the plot of the show. The more detailed the more likely a network will pick it up.

Here is a complete example:

Show Name = Battle Castle

Production Company = Blind Studios

Show Type = Game Show

Show Length = 30 Mins

Production Cost Without Talent = Medium

Lead Cast Members (Maximum 5) = 2

Supporting Cast Members (Maximum 5) = 4

What Is The Plot Of The Show? = Two opposing teams fight for supremacy in a range of tasks. Starting with Jousting, they move on to sword fighting and archery, and the winning team is rewarded with a monetary prize, and will return in the future for later games.
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What Is A Pitch?
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